Athens, OH

Effective Removal of Bed Bugs, Ants, and Fleas in Athens, OH

Control of Insect Pests in Athens, OH, Homes & Businesses

Insects comprise the majority of problem pests in the area of Athens, OH. Home and business owners alike report various situations where professional helps is needed to remove bed bug infestation, ant colonies, and fleas. These tiny insects can cause big problems in the hotel industry, food service and home kitchens, and can plague pets who walk outdoors. Contact Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control today for effective removal of these and other insect pests anywhere in the Athens, OH, area. Call toll-free at (866) 524-1799, for more information on the treatment types we offer.

Banish Bed Bugs with Lamp Pestproof’s Whole-House Heat Treatment

If your Athens, OH, home or business is hosting an unwanted bed bugs population, we are happy to help. Contact us for effective whole-house heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs and other small insect pests. Bed bugs can be particularly difficult to treat because they can breed in hidden places, making them difficult to spot before they become an annoying problem.
Regionally, bed bugs can affect homes and businesses alike; especially those who welcome guests in the hospitality industry—hotels, motels, inns, etc. With a variety of visitors bringing luggage and belongings, bed bugs can spread rapidly to other locations. The whole-house heat treatment we provide can give added security against these bed bug pests, and can also destroy hantavirus and related contaminants. When bed bugs are not the kind of visitors you enjoy, call Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Service today.

Safer Pest Control Options for Ants to Use Around Children and Pets

Lamp Pestproof knows the Athens, OH, area has many common insect problems, such as ants, for example. Ants have their place in the ecosystem outdoors, but when they gain entrance to buildings, they can be a nuisance. Bothersome ants can invade just about any room and can be especially annoying in the kitchen and pantry areas where you cook and store food. Due to food-safety concerns and other possible limitations, treatment for ants can require certain chemicals and multiple visits. If these are concerns for your Athens, OH, location, be sure to review options with Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Service today.

Flea Control and Elimination in Athens, OH, by Lamp Pestproof

Problem fleas can quickly become a real headache in Athens, OH, homes and businesses. Lamp Pestproof pest control services provide significant relief and flea control. Some seasons of the year can be worse than others for flea problems, especially if you have one or more pets who frequently travel outside. Calling in the professionals at Lamp Pestproof can help eliminate fleas. We serve residents and business owners throughout the Athens area with effective results to keep families and businesses pest-free.
When insects become unwelcome in Athens, OH, and surrounding areas, trust Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Service for quality, professional services in: