Boone County, WV

Pest Control & Wildlife Management for Boone County, WV

Protect Your Home in Madison, WV, from Annoying Pests

Pests can affect your home at alarming rates, seemingly unexpectedly. If you are a homeowner in Madison, WV, and have gnats, ants, or other bugs affecting your home, talk to the pest control specialists at Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control and get rid of those pesky pests at a great price. For over 85 years, our professionals have eradicated pests from residential properties in the Madison area and have provided the best customer service as well. If you have any questions about our pest control services, call your friends at Lamp Pestproof at (866) 524-1799, and ask about our pest control services for:

Keep Your Boone County Property Free from Spiders and Stink Bugs

Spiders and stink bugs are some of the creatures you may see in your home on a daily basis and not think much of, but when they seem to appear more frequently than ever, you may need pest control from the folks at Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control. We can figure out where the spiders or stink bugs are coming from and why, and then take care of the issue to keep your family and clients insect-free. You do not need the smell of stink bugs or the threat of spider bites ruining your property, so give the folks at Lamp Pestproof a call today for more information.

Termite Control and Inspections for Your Boone County Business

One of the pests that can pose a huge threat to your Boone County business is termites. If you operate out of a building, particularly one made of wood, termites can destroy the foundation and endanger your family or coworkers. One of the worst parts of having termites is the difficulty of finding and getting rid of them. If you think you may have termites, call Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control and ask about a termite inspection for your business. If you see them for yourself, call and ask for termite control services today.