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Protect Your Home in Evans, WV, from Unwanted Pests

Pests can show up in your home when you least expect them to, and they can pose serious health risks if you do not take care of the issue quickly. When flies, moths, ants, or other tiny pests infiltrate your Evans-area home, call the pest control specialists at Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control in the Mid-Ohio Valley. With over 85 years of experience, the folks at Lamp have worked hard for folks in West Virginia and Ohio who have their homes threatened by pests through the year. If you have issues with pests in your home, contact us today at (866) 524-1799 and find out how we can help you with:

Protect Your Evans-area Home from Bed Bugs and Ants

Your home is a sacred place where you can typically count on healthy and sanitary conditions. However, sometimes pests make their way into your home and can pose threats to both your health and comfort. Ants and bed bugs are two of the main culprits that can affect your home because they come in swarms. Bed bug bites can cause issues with your health and wellness, while ants come in droves, particularly when food particles lay around. The staff at Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control can take care of the ants and bed bugs in your home at a great price. Give us a call today for more information.

Termite Control for Residential and Commercial Properties in Evans, WV

Termites can pose a hazard to any business in the Mid-Ohio Valley, including those in Evans, WV. Termites can cause significant damage to the structure of your home or business, and if you have them, you need to call Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control. Our staff can provide professional termite control services and get rid of them quickly and effectively. If you think you may have termites but are not certain, ask about our termite inspections. Give us a call today and we will work hard for you.