The Best Bat Removal in the Mid-Ohio Valley

Let Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control Oust Those Flying Trespassers

Face it: Bats have a “creepy” factor. Think about a typical monster movie or a scary story, and one constant is a shrieking colony of bats, leathery wings flapping somewhere in the dark. Deserved or not, bats do have a bad connotation with many people, and the last place anyone wants to find these flying critters is in their own home. A bat infestation in your house or your office is enough to disturb the bats in your belfry.
When you need effective bat removal services throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley, look to Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control in Vienna, WV. We are your bat removal experts, and we will solve your issues as fast as possible, with expertise and courteous customer service.

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Welcome to Bat Basics 101

There are 13 species of bats native to Ohio and 14 species throughout West Virginia. The most common bat found in either state is the little brown bat. Bats are the only mammals that are capable of flight. They are mostly nocturnal, foraging for food through the night and roosting in hollow trees or buildings during the day. They use echolocation, a type of biological sonar, to navigate and locate their prey.
Bats can be beneficial, for as they swoop through the night, they pollinate different types of flowers and eat many kinds of insect pests. The bats of the Mid-Ohio Valley are small, with the little brown bat averaging only half an ounce in weight and around three inches in length. But these small animals can have a big impact when they invade your home or office.

Are Bats Driving You Batty? Call Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control

Some species of bats are either endangered or labeled as “at-risk,” and in many places, it is illegal to kill them. They do pose a health risk to you, your family, or your employees, however, and removal is necessary. Bats can be infected with diseases such as rabies, and they can also carry other types of diseases. Aside from being a health risk, they are nuisances and unwanted intruders in your home, and they need to go.
Do not try to remove them yourself. Turn to the Mid-Ohio Valley’s bat removal experts, Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control. Our highly trained team employs the most effective and environmentally friendly techniques and products, while showing great care and respect to your home. Are bats really driving you batty? Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control has you covered.

Whatever the Pest, Lamp Pestproof Handles It

Along with our outstanding bat removal services, Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control handles the control and removal of mice, rats, birds, snakes, and many other nuisance animals from in and around your Mid-Ohio Valley house or office. We also offer excellent insect and pest control, ridding your home of bees, wasps, spiders, ticks, fleas, and much more. We can solve all of your pest problems with our standard professionalism and friendly customer service.
Our past customers will tell you, without hesitation, that no pest stands a chance against Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control.