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Pest Control Service Plan Options in the Mid-Ohio Valley

Regular and One-Time Service Plans by Lamp Pestproof Available

Lamp Pestproof and Wildlife Control has a variety of service options to benefit everyone in the Mid-Ohio Valley looking for pest control work. Sometimes, one visit from even the highest-quality extermination company is not enough to keep creatures at bay. Because of this, in addition to one-time visits, we offer many routine visitation and inspection services to suit the needs of your home or business. Whether you need as frequent as extermination services every month, or just a couple times a year as a safety measure, Lamp Pestproof and Wildlife Control provides the highest-quality services all year round. To get started on a routine pest control service, contact us at (866) 524-1799.

Repeating Service Plans: Why is Recurring Better?

Our experienced technicians take the time to customize each service to best meet your specific needs. With routine visits, we may notice other problems, such as rodents or termites, before you do. Benefits of repeating service plans include:
Beyond these incentives, our best discounts are available with multiple services and recurring service programs, many of which have added free services with a signed contract.

Four Seasons Pestproof Plan: Keep Your Home Pest Free Year-Round

Lamp Pestproof and Wildlife Control is the perfect pest control option to keep your home or business wildlife and insect-free all year long. We provide our four-season service at the best discount. It is our most popular option, as it guarantees that your home will be combed over four times a year to make sure that you are in the clear. We also provide convenient exterior services, as the inside of the home is not the only place at risk of exposure to pests.

Semi-Annual Service: Inspections at Peak Pest Seasons

Summer and winter can be the most prominent times of year for when pests invade. In the summer, insects and wildlife are out and about searching for food and places to nest. In the winter, the same creatures are seeking warmth and a safe place to spend the winter. Hire Lamp Pestproof and Wildlife Control to swing by your house twice a year to inspect and protect your home.

Monthly Pest Control Service: For the Pests That Just Won’t Quit

Insects and wildlife still getting in no matter what you do? Do not beat yourself up about it—there are some species that are stubborn enough to keep trying. If need be, you can schedule Lamp Pestproof and Wildlife Services to stop by your Mid-Ohio Valley home or business once every month to take care of the pests on a regular basis. This frequent and efficient service is a great option for pests that routinely infiltrate through all seasons.

One-Time Services: Emergencies & Smaller Jobs

Need just a one-time inspection or extermination? Save money trying to get rid of insects and rodents yourself and call us at Lamp Pestproof and Wildlife Control. We can come in any time to deal with your wildlife and pest problems. We can take care of jobs with safety and efficiency, eliminating risks for our customers. With over 23,000 customers satisfied with our services, there is no reason to not choose Lamp Pestproof and Wildlife Control.

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