Evicting Chipmunks Across the Mid-Ohio Valley

Why Let Those Small Creatures Give You Big Headaches?

They may be cute, but chipmunks can be real pests. They will dig up your yard. They will dig around your shrubs. They will get into your garage and rip into your garbage bags, looking for scraps to eat. Their burrows can even weaken your sidewalks or your stairs. For a little animal, they can cause you some big headaches. When you have nuisance chipmunks in your attic, garage, or other structures, or in your yard, you can trust Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control in Vienna, WV to banish those burdensome beasts. We are your chipmunk control experts in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

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Chipmunks are Small, Foraging Rodents

Chipmunks are related to squirrels, but there are many differences between these two members of the rodent family. Chipmunks are small creatures, typically less than a foot in length and weighing less than six ounces. Their fur is usually red or brown, with a series of pale and dark stripes on their backs. They generally also feature two brown stripes on their faces, and they have pouched cheeks, to carry their food back to their burrows.
They forage for their food, eating berries, nuts, and seeds, as well as insects and sometimes baby birds. However, if it is available, they will supplement their diet with food remnants, such as potato chips and bread. They will also munch on grains and vegetables from gardens. At the start of autumn, chipmunks will start stockpiling food for winter, and they will remain in their burrows throughout those cold months. They are easy to identify by their “bark,” too, which sounds like a high-pitched whistle.

They Can Damage Your Home and Your Lawn

A chipmunk can do considerable damage in your yard. It can eat your bulbs, fruit, and young plants, ruining your landscaping and your garden. Its burrowing habits can also be costly, as it will dig under stairs, sidewalks, and structures, causing considerable damage. It will also be quite a nuisance if it gets into your home or your garage. It can tear into your garbage bags while searching for food, and if it takes up residence inside your attic, it may chew on electrical wiring, causing a fire hazard. Chipmunks also carry diseases and may carry other pests, such as fleas and ticks, into your home, too.
Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control will handle all of your chipmunk control needs throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley, expertly and effectively. We use environmentally friendly products and techniques in everything we do. We know the most successful methods and can give you the results you want. Our team is professional and courteous, and we treat your home or office with the greatest care and respect. If chipmunks are making you crazy, rely on Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control.

We Handle Control for All Sorts of Pests

We handle control and removal for all types of wildlife, not just chipmunks. Our expert team takes care of mice, bats, rats, birds, snakes, and much more. We at Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control are also your insect pest control experts for the Mid-Ohio Valley. We rid your home or office of bees, wasps, ticks, fleas, spiders, and many other creepy, crawly, unwanted intruders.
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