Eliminate Pests at Their Origin with Larvae Extermination

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Lamp Pestproof: Complete Pest Control Services for the Vienna, WV, Area

At Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control, we know that when your Vienna, WV-area home or business suffers from an insect infestation, you want the pests gone as quickly as possible. That is why we offer fast and effective comprehensive pest control services to the whole Mid-Ohio Valley. As the area’s largest locally owned extermination and removal company, we have the tools and knowledge to get rid of all the bugs plaguing your property. From mature bees seeking to build their colony to moth larvae that will surely cause you trouble in the future, our team applies appropriate chemicals and methods to ensure that your home or business is free of insects and pests at all stages of life.

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Eliminating Larvae from a Variety of Insects, Including:

Protect Your Family, Employees, & Pets from Future Pests

When you call for pest extermination, you want to make sure that the bugs are gone for good. This means that the company you hire needs to make sure you get all the infiltrators, including the larvae and any nests or colonies, to ensure they do not return. The team at Lamp Pestproof uses chemicals and treatments that are tough on pests, but safe for your family, pets, visitors, and employees. When necessary, we use heat treatments with temperatures up to 130 degrees to completely eradicate insects like bed bugs and their larvae. You can trust our team to use whatever means we have available to keep your Mid-Ohio Valley home or business safe from pesky pests.

Trust Lamp Pestproof for Your Pest Control Needs

All home and business owners know it is important to hire a pest removal company that has the experience and knowledge to fully solve their insect problem. For property owners in the Mid-Ohio Valley, that company is Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control. Since 1934, Lamp Pestproof has brought thorough, complete pest extermination and control services. Our previous customers are happy to provide testimonials for you to read, and our team of experienced exterminators are always happy to provide you with an inspection or advice to provide you peace of mind.