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Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes, and many people completely understand that concept. While you may just be one of those people, snakes really are more scared of you. If they have a chance to escape from humans, they will. Most of the time, you will never even know they were there. However, if they get into your house or garage, you have to do something about it. Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control, in Vienna, WV, is your Mid-Ohio Valley snake control expert. Our team can quickly and effectively handle your snake issues, with our standard exceptional customer service.

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Venomous Snakes: A Danger When They Feel Threatened

There are two general varieties of snakes: venomous and non-venomous. Venomous snakes produce venom — in most cases, transmitted through a bite with their distinct fangs — to incapacitate their prey, as well as protect themselves against threats. There are four types of venomous snakes in the United States: rattlesnakes, copperheads, cottonmouths, and coral snakes.
Many venomous snakes are endangered. They can be helpful creatures if left to themselves, as they eat mice, chipmunks, and other wildlife that can be pests to homeowners or farmers. All snakes are shy and reclusive, and they will avoid human contact any way they can. Venomous snakes are dangerous, however, whenever they feel threatened with no way of escape.

Is the Snake Non-Venomous?

Many non-venomous snakes can mimic the coloring of venomous snakes, so it may be difficult to tell the difference with a quick glance. However, where venomous snakes have a diamond-shaped head, non-venomous snakes have a round head. As well, the venomous snakes found throughout the United States are all pit vipers, meaning that they possess pits on either side of their nose, to detect heat from their prey. These pits would be hard to distinguish, though, without close examination.
Non-venomous snakes are not a problem outside of your home, and many people welcome their presence, as they also eat many nuisance animals. However, if they feel threatened, even a non-venomous snake will strike and bite, and while it may not transmit any dangerous venom, it will still hurt.

Why Would a Snake Come into Your Home?

Outside, snakes serve a purpose and will try their best to stay away from you. If they get into your home, office, or other place of business, that is an altogether different story. Why, though, would a snake come inside?
Snakes are reptiles, meaning they are cold-blooded. As such, their body temperature varies depending on the surrounding warmth or cold, instead of holding at a steady temperature. This causes them to seek out close, cozy spaces or warm areas.
Snakes will also enter your home in search of food or nesting areas, or they simply may slither in by accident. They cannot chew or dig like rodents, so they must enter through unsealed cracks or holes at ground level or even under gaps in doors. Once they are inside, they will seek out the safety of walls, crawl spaces, drop ceilings, attics, or basements.

Do Not Try to Remove a Snake Yourself; Call Lamp Pestproof

While some people do keep snakes as pets, you do not want uninvited snakes in your house or office. In addition to being a danger to you, your family, or your employees and generally being an unwanted nuisance, snakes can also carry diseases.
With the looming danger of a bite, even from non-poisonous snakes, do not act alone to remove the intruder. Call Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control. We are your snake control experts in the Mid-Ohio Valley. We understand the most effective and safest methods of snake removal, and we only employ environmentally conscious products and techniques. You can be sure that, as our highly-trained team handles your snake control issue, they will treat your house like their own, with great care and respect. When you have a snake problem, Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control is the solution.

We Also Handle Vermin and Insect Removal

We are not only snake control experts; we can handle all types of unwanted infestations, including mice, rats, bats, raccoons, and other unwanted intruders. We also effectively handle insect control, ridding your Mid-Ohio Valley home or office of bees, wasps, ants, spiders, ticks, and other pesky pests.
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