Many-Legged Insects

Extermination of Many-Legged Insects for the Mid-Ohio Valley

Lamp Pestproof Assists with Removing Many-Legged Insects

Bugs like millipedes and centipedes can give you the creepy-crawlies, especially if you find one in your Vienna-area home or business. However, many bugs with a lot of legs are not harmful to humans at all—they actually are quite beneficial to the ecosystem living in and around your property. But, Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control understands that you do not want an invasion of many-legged insects in your home. Let us handle millipedes, house centipedes, woodlouse, and spiders to make your home comfortable to live in again. For a home or business that is free of many-legged insects, contact Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control at (866) 524-1799 for extermination services.

Common Many-Legged Insects Found in the Vienna, WV, Area:

Millipede: These are what people normally call “thousand-leggers,” and in their lifetime, they can have up to 90 pairs of legs. Millipedes like environments with a lot of moisture, and lots of their favorite foods to eat. They are not harmful to people, but they produce a foul, acidic liquid, that can cause adverse reactions if it touches the skin.

House Centipede: These are very common in Mid-Ohio Valley households, and their appearance is enough to make you scream. House centipedes are another many-legged bug that looks nasty, but really pose no harm to humans. Having house centipedes can be a good thing, as they prey on other pests such as ants, spiders, silverfish, and cockroaches.
Woodlouse: You have probably seen these if you looked under a rock or wood log outside. Woodlouse also go by other names such roly-poly, pill bug, sow bug, slater, and other regional terms. These pose no harm to humans, and are beneficial members of the environment.
Silverfish: Few people enjoy the sight of these bugs with their six legs, long antennas, and shiny, silver scales. Their favorite things to eat are sweets, fabric, and sometimes their own kind. Silverfish are only a danger because of the damage the can do to property and items such as clothes.
SPIDERS: Even the smallest of spiders are unpleasant to see in your home. If you have one spider in your home, there might be more hiding where you cannot see.

Even though these insects are “good” bugs that pose no harm to you, your family, or your visitors, if you start to see them in abundance, you need a professional pest control expert to take care of them. Call on Lamp Pestproof. We are the Mid-Ohio Valley’s largest, locally owned pest control company, and we believe that our nearly a century of business speaks for itself. If you need extermination for the many-legged insects in your home or business, contact us for a free quote today: 866-524-1799.