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Identify Asian Beetles to Know if You Need Pest Control

Asian beetles look a lot like ladybugs, but the two insects do not behave in the same ways. Ladybugs can be considered beneficial, since they consume garden pests and are generally harmless. Asian beetles, on the other hand, gather in large groups on reflective surfaces like windows. These insects “bite” by scraping the surface they land on, and they leave a foul-smelling, yellow liquid where they gather. Asian beetles enter your home in late summer and early fall to seek out warmth for the winter. Knowing the difference between Asian beetles and ladybugs is key to knowing whether you need to hire an exterminator or not. Seeing a handful of ladybugs is never cause for alarm, but even a couple Asian beetles might be a sign that you need to call professional pest control.

When you need a professional to assist with your Asian beetle problem, call on the Mid-Ohio Valley’s largest, locally owned pest control company. Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control has served Vienna, WV, and the surrounding areas since 1934. Contact us today for a free quote on your Asian beetle extermination services: (866) 524-1799.

What Does an Asian Beetle Look Like?

Much like ladybugs, Asian beetles are small, about a quarter-inch long. Their wing casings are red, orange, or yellow in color with black dots. They have little black faces with white “eyes.” Unlike ladybugs, Asian ladybugs also have an ‘M’-shaped white spot on their back where the black of their head meets the red wing casings.

Asian Beetles Invading Your Home? Call on Lamp Pestproof!

You are probably fine with Asian beetles living outside your Mid-Ohio Valley home or business. You might even think they are cute when you see one on the outside of your window. But when you start to find them inside, you want them gone, especially if you find them in swarms. Because of the allergic reactions many people experience after touching Asian beetles, let the professionals handle ridding your home or business of these pests.

Lamp Pestproof inspects your windows, doors, eaves, and more to find where the beetles enter your home or business, and then we get to work sealing the cracks and exterminating the invaders. We offer free, online quotes for the pest control services you need, and you can read testimonials from our previous customers to learn more about the high quality of our skills and customer service. For more information about how our extermination professionals can assist you with your Asian beetle problem, give us a call today.