Handle Ladybug Infestations in Vienna, WV

Experienced Ladybug Removal for the Mid-Ohio Valley

Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control Removes Ladybugs from Homes

Ladybugs may seem cute and harmless, but once they get into your home or business, they may not want to leave. Ladybugs release a pheromone that attracts more bugs to that space. Once this occurs, your home or business is now subject to hundreds of ladybugs. They do not bite or cause any harm to people or pets, but large groups of ladybugs are never a fun thing to deal with in your living or working space repeatedly. If you have a swarm of ladybugs living in your home at any time of the year, call on Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control at (866) 524-1799 for an estimate.

How to Prevent Future Ladybug Infestations

When you find a few ladybugs here and there, sometimes vacuuming them up will do the job. The problem is that the pheromone the bugs release lures more to your space, making it a never-ending cleaning endeavor. To keep ladybugs out, keep doors and windows closed and sealed, and try to keep ladybugs from entering the home on clothes or bags. Ladybugs have a two- to three-year lifespan, and will return every year to live out the winter as your roommates. Reach out to Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control to evaluate the problem and find the best way to remove ladybugs from your home. To keep them at bay year-round, talk to our staff about signing up for a service plan.

Contact Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control for Ladybug Removal

Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control offers ladybug removal for Vienna, WV, and the surrounding areas. Ladybugs come in thousands of species that quickly become a nuisance for home and business owners alike. Ladybugs can leave yellow residue on walls and other products, and attract their fellow bugs to join in the infestation. Contact Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control today for ladybug removal. We proudly serve Vienna, WV; Parkersburg, WV; Athens, OH; and the surrounding areas of the Mid-Ohio Valley.