Belpre, OH

Win the Battle with Groundhogs and Beetles in Belpre, OH

Count on Lamp Pestproof to Remove Pesky Creatures at Home or Work

Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control is the company to call when creatures come calling at your residence or place of business. Unwanted creatures like groundhogs or beetles are not something to have hanging around homes, offices, factories, and other facilities. Often, the larger animals like groundhogs look for inviting places to nest or find food. When you need groundhogs gone, Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control serves the region. Call us today for a free estimate on our treatment plans to get rid of bothersome groundhogs, beetles, and other pests toll-free at (866) 524-1799.

Safer Ways to Remove Unwanted Wildlife and Pests

Wildlife may have its place in the forests and woodlands, but when these unwanted animals invade your property, getting rid of them becomes a priority. Some wild animals will carry disease that can affect other pets or young children in your home. Homeowners may mean well trying to leave out food, but it can make problem wildlife bolder and more demanding. The experts at Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control use control and capture methods that are safe around children and pets. One call to Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control can help rid your residence or business location of unwanted wildlife and pests for good.

Ask About Our Whole-House Heat Treatment & Service Plans

Beetles comprise a number of Coleoptera insect varieties that include ladybugs and other flying types, to crawling ground weevils and water bugs. Call the pros at Lamp Pestproof for convenient ways to keep common pests, like beetles, under control. We offer one-time, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or other customized service plans to meet your home or business needs. For pest situations requiring non-chemical elimination, we can provide whole-house heat treatments.

Pest-Proof Your Belpre Property with Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control

Pesky, problem animals like groundhogs or insects like beetles around your Belpre-area home or business can deter visitors and customers, your family and friends, from your property. For professional insect and wildlife control for your Belpre, Ohio, home or business, call Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control today. Achieve the successful and pest-free results you desire with one call to our professional team.