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Pest Control Services in Cambridge, OH

When Fleas or Bed Bugs Rule the Roost, Call Lamp Pestproof

Lamp Pestproof Eliminates Various Types of Pests Affordably

Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control is one of the leading pest control companies in Southeastern Ohio, including Cambridge, OH. We eliminate, capture, or control various types of pests and wildlife in and around your home, business, and industry. We focus on making sure the pests are no longer a problem so you can rest easier or get back to business. Our prices are affordable, and you can get a quote online for one of four convenient service plans: Four Seasons, Semi-Annual, Monthly, and One-Time. Ask about those plans when you call us toll free at (866) 524-1799.

We Work Aggressively to Rid Your Home of Fleas

While fleas are tiny, they can create sizable and persistent problems within your home. They not only cause problems for your dog or cat, but also for you. Fleas can lay their eggs on your pets and be released throughout the home as the pet scratches. Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control is the best defense against fleas. We will break up the reproductive cycle of fleas with an aggressive flea control spraying of your home. Our technician will advise you of any further treatments needed to control the fleas based on your specific needs.

Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control Wins Against Bed Bugs

Is your family battling bed bugs in your home? Do not fight this tedious battle alone. Adult bed bugs can lay up to 500 eggs in their lifetime. Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control can come to your home, inspect for bed bugs, and come up with a solution to getting rid of these harmful pests, which can cause health problems. We specialize in whole-house heat treatments, and we apply an insecticide to further combat bed bug infestation. We will win this battle and claim victory against pests!

Contact us toll-free today when you need to rid your home or business of bed bugs, fleas, or any other pests.