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Pest Control Services in Reedsville, OH

Lamp Pestproof Provides Highly Effective Services at Competitive Prices

Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control is quite familiar with the pests, wildlife, and creeping creatures that play havoc with homeowners and business owners in Reedsville, OH, and the surrounding Mid-Ohio Valley. Whether you need us to get rid of bats, spiders, rats, mice, hornets, or any of the other pests we have to exterminate, we are there for your business and your family. We provide competitive prices for our customers in Meigs County, and we offer our Four Seasons, Semi-Annual, Monthly, and One-Time service plans. Ask us about those plans when you call us toll free at (866) 524-1799.

Need Help Eliminating Spiders from Your Home or Business?

Do you have a problem with spiders inside your home or business? Spiders can be scary when you find them scurrying on your furniture, walls, ceiling, bathtub, or anywhere else. Most spiders are not poisonous, but if you discover a black widow or brown recluse in or around your property, stay clear of them because they are poisonous. We often find both species in wood piles, and their bite is a defense mechanism. Call us if you are not sure what kind of spider it is. Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control will inspect the area and come up with a solution to get rid of the spiders.

Save Your Pets from Fleas with Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control

Fleas and their larvae both favor your pets, one for a blood meal, and one for the flea dirt that comes from it. Flea larvae feeds off of flea dirt left from fleas, and usually stays near its host. Flea larvae are commonly found right on your pet, or in beds and on furniture. They are small, white-colored worms that Reedsville homeowners may find on darker floors and carpets. Taking care of fleas in the larvae stage will help to prevent further infestations from occurring.
Contact us toll-free when you need to get rid of spiders, bats, or any other pests in your home or business.