Reno, OH

Remove Snakes and Many-Legged Insects in Reno, Ohio

Stop Things that Slither with Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control

Certain pests and creatures in Reno, OH, just make people anxious, as is the case with snakes and other creepy-crawly insects. When slithering things bother your home or place of business, trust the pros at Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control. We serve Washington County areas like Reno since 1934, keeping problem pests out of sight. When you need effective pest control for slithering creatures like snakes, and many-legged insects, call Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control today toll-free at (866) 524-1799 for a free estimate.

Reno-Area Whole-House Heat Treatment Specialists

When you have a pest problem requiring more than wrangling a snake, Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control provides the Reno area with effective, whole-house heat treatment options. This allows homeowners and business owners the ability to control many smaller pests, such as fleas or bed bugs. Using heat treatments provides an effective method with less chemicals spread throughout your location. Whole-house heat treatment is available for residential and commercial customers, so speak with the pros at Lamp Pestproof today.

Service Plans for Customers in Reno, Ohio

The professionals at Lamp Pestproof realize that pest removal of many-legged insects can sometimes be a seasonal or year-round matter. To keep residential and commercial properties safer and pest free, we offer a variety of service plans. These include one-time, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or customized options. Reno, Ohio, customers can review the benefits of our service plans today so we can help keep problem pests away as often as you need us.

Lamp Pestproof Offers Environmentally Conscious Wildlife Control

Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control employs conscientious wildlife removal methods that are safe around children and pets. We take special effort to offer environmentally conscious pest and wildlife control in the Reno, Ohio, area. Residential and commercial customers looking for ways to manage both insect and wildlife pests with less impact on the surrounding spaces trust Lamp Pestproof for their wildlife control needs. Give us a call when snakes and other slithery, many-legged insects become a nuisance to your home or business.