Watertown, OH

Watertown, Ohio, Skunk Removal & Pest Control for Fruit Flies

Reliable Help from the Pros of Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control

Whew! When the smells of nature’s wildlife invade your property in Watertown, you need reliable help to take care of the problem, fast. Skunks can be an especially smelly nuisance. Having them on your property can leave you or your pets vulnerable to their odorous spray. Being overrun with swarms of fruit flies is no picnic, either. When these and other pests invade your Watertown-area home or business, call on us. Locally run, Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control serves Washington County since 1934. We offer services throughout the year, so call us today for a free estimate toll-free at (866) 524-1799.

Watertown, Ohio’s Choice for Environmentally Conscious Wildlife Control

Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control is the place to call for local wildlife removal in Watertown, Ohio. Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control uses wildlife removal methods that are safe around children and pets. We welcome calls from homes and businesses in Watertown, and you can count on our many years of experience and effective results.

Remove Termite Larvae from Your Home with Lamp Pestproof

Termite larvae are indirect threats to the structure of your home. Worker termites must feed them while maturing, adding to the amount of wood the termites eat. Termite larvae can grow up to be workers, soldiers, or reproductive termites, depending on what the colony needs. In some cases, larvae will become reproductive, helping the queen to lay eggs. If you believe that your Watertown-area home has a termite infestation, call on Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control right away. We go after termites at the source, removing larvae and the possibility for further infestations.

Service Plans for Watertown, Ohio, & Washington County Areas

Watertown residents and businesses can take advantage of Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control’s pest control service plans. These services include options for one-time, monthly, quarterly, or yearly; or choose a customized schedule. You, your family, and your visitors deserve a pest-free environment. Achieve this with the help of the experts at Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control. Call us today to learn more about our pest removal plans for your home or business in Watertown, Ohio.

Watertown, OH, Whole-House Heat Treatment Services Available

Fruit flies and other tiny pests, like gnats, bed bugs, fleas, and more, can sometimes swarm and become a real nuisance to everyday life. When you need to eliminate problem pests like these, Lamp Pestproof provides effective, whole-house heat treatment services. Contact us today to find out more about getting rid of fruit flies and other irritating pests with whole-house heat treatment from Lamp Pestproof & Wildlife Control.